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Test Stacks

Managing your dependencies with Test Stacks
Every Testery Test Run has a Test Stack. A Test Stack is a collection of operating systems and softwares to enable your Test Framework to run.
A full list of supported Test Stacks is available in the Testery app
You never need to specify a Test Stack - if you don't provide one, a default stack will be selected for you. However, you have the ability to control the versions of Node.js and Chrome that your tests will run against by providing a testery.yml file in your source repository.
For example, a Cypress run will be assigned by default to the node-chrome.114-java.17-nodejs.16 test stack. This uses Node.js 16 and Chrome 114.
If you wanted to test your code against Chrome 113, you would provide the following in your testery.yml file.
configuration_key: node-chrome.113-java.17-nodejs.16
One benefit of this approach is allowing you to test new versions of dependencies on a branch. Testery will respect the testery.yml file in your branch, allowing you to fix issues on your branch, while using the default Test Stack on your main branch.