Notification Settings

Setting Slack Member ID

You can receive slack notifications for test run status changes (when a test run gets submitted and completes) and when a team member leaves a message on a test run. You can choose to receive a notification to your email, a Slack DM or both.

Once these notifications are turned on, all manual test runs will default to that setting. You have the option to turn them off/on at the time you manually start a test run.

In Testery, go to Settings --> Profile tab. You will see the following notification settings.

Turn on email or slack notifications or both. If you turn on Slack notifications you will need to connect your Slack user to your Testery User. To do this...

  1. Ensure your Slack Workspace is authorized. In the Testery App, go to Settings > Integrations. If you see, "Authorize Slack Integration," click that and complete that process.

    • If you see "Remove Slack Integration," then you are already authorized and can move forward.

    • This only needs to be done once in your Testery account.

  2. In Slack, type the command /testery connect. Follow the prompts to complete the process and your users will then be connected.

    • Each Testery user that wants/needs Slack notifications must also use the connect Slash Command above.

If Slash commands aren't working, you may need re-install your Slack App...

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations

  2. Click the "Remove Slack Integration" button. Complete the process.

  3. Click the "Authorize Slack Integration" button. Complete the process.

These settings only apply to test runs kicked off manually. If there is a particular test run that is scheduled that you would like to follow, you would have to go into the test run once its activated and follow the test run.

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