Run Your Tests

In Testery, there are three ways to run your tests. You can perform one-off test runs (shown below), schedule your test runs, or integrate with CI/CD to run your tests.

For now, let's just perform a one-off test run to make sure the project is configured correctly.

  1. Click New Test Run.

  2. Click Run Test to start the test run.

  3. You will be taken back to the test runs page and should see your test run in a "SUBMITTED" state. Testery is now dynamically provisioning the infrastructure to run your tests.

  4. Congratulations! You have tests running on Testery! You are now ready to Configure Slack Alerts.

Everyone's test projects are a bit different and occasionally additional steps are required to configure your projects. If you need any additional assistance at this step, please email or make a request at the Testery Service Desk.

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