Test Runs

The Test Runs view shows a list of your most recent test runs. You can filter by Date, Project, Environment, or Status to find the test run you're looking for.

Test Run Status and Test Status

There are two kinds of statuses in Testery:

  1. Test Run Status - the status of the entire test run regardless of how many tests are in it

  2. Test Status - the status of a single test within a test run

Test Run Statuses




Test run has been submitted to the queue to be run


Waiting for another test run in the same environment to finish. We do not run 2 test runs in the same environment at once.


Test run is currently running


All tests that are not ignored passed.


There was at least one test in the test run that failed OR an error occurred and the test run can’t finish. If the latter happens a failure reason should display.


  1. Test run was manually canceled by someone. (user’s username will display to show who canceled the test run) OR

  2. Test run will be automatically canceled if it runs for more than 3 hours (message will be Canceled - Due to running too long) OR

  3. Test run is in queued status and a newer test run comes in, the current queued test run will be canceled (message will be Canceled - Due to newer test run)

Test Statuses



The test passed.

The test failed.

Test was flagged as ignored and this test did NOT run.

Test is waiting to run.

Test is running.

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