Setting Test Execution Priority

Testery enables you to set a Test Execution Priority to optimize how your test runs are queued up. When there are multiple test runs in a queued state, the test runs with the lowest numbered priority will be executed first. If you would like multiple test runs to execute at the same time, make sure that you have also set the number of parallel tests to a number lower than your account limit.

Setting Default Priority for a Pipeline Stage

To set the priority for different Pipeline Stages, navigate to Environments and click Pipeline Stages.

Here you can select a Test Execution Priority for the Pipeline Stage. When two test runs are queued up, the test run with the lowest numbered Test Execution Priority will be executed first.

Setting Priority for an Ad Hoc Test Run

Test Execution Priority may also be set for an individual ad hoc test run. To do this, expand Show Advanced Options and set the Priority for the test run.

Setting Priority for a Scheduled Test Run

Test Execution Priority can be set for Schedules as well. To do this, expand Show Advanced Options when creating or editing a schedule.

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