Create a Testery Account

A free Testery account will enable you to run your smoke tests on a schedule or every commit and send notifications to Slack, OpsGenie, or wherever else you need them.

Sign-up with GitHub or BitBucket. To create a Testery account go to and login with Github or Bitbucket. This will take you through the signup flow.

Select an Organization. Select an organization you would like to connect your Testery account to. It should be the organization that has a repository with your tests.

Setup a Project. For your first project, select which repository contains the tests you want to run on Testery. Select your default branch.

Update your Project Settings. Select your testing framework. Testery currently supports WebdriverIO, CucumberJS, Cypress, Specflow, NUnit, and Nightwatch. We are actively adding more to this list so if yours isn’t listed select Other along with name of framework you are using and we will let you know the status of that framework. You may be asked a few more questions depending on which framework you select.

Select whether you package json is in the root direction. If it is not, specify the directory.

Select a Plan. Select which plan you would like. There is a free plan on Linux servers if you want to try it out. If you require more concurrency or testing minutes we would be glad to work with you on a custom plan.

Click Finish. Click Finish and you will be taken to the Test Runs page within the Testery platform. Your test should be kicked off for you if everything was setup correctly.

If you have any issues during account creation send an email to or there is a help widget you can submit a ticket through in the lower right corner. Look for the ?

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