Schedule Your Test Runs

Testery is really flexible about when, where, and how you run your tests. To schedule your tests to run nightly for example you can,

  1. Navigate to Test Triggers and click Add New Trigger.

  2. Give your trigger a Trigger Name (e.g. "Nightly Run").

  3. For Trigger Type select "Run tests on trigger" and enter a valid cron expression. For example, to run the tests every night at midnight UTC you can use the following cron expression: 0 0 * * * See for more information about cron.

  4. Set Project with Tests to the project you just set up. Here you can select what tests you want to run. For now, just pick "Run all tests in project" to run all of your tests.

  5. For Environment select the environment you set up earlier. For example "Development".

  6. Then select Specific Version and chose Branch and leave Commit set to "latest". This will run the latest commit for the branch.

As you can see, there's a lot of flexibility. See Test Triggers for more information about all the different options.

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